Express Yourself Piano Challenges

Scale Challenge Level 1 – C major and G major

Solfa Challenge Level 1 – Simple songs and rhymes

Solfa Challenge Level 2 – Part 1 – Pulse and Pitch

Solfa Challenge Level 2 – Part 2 – Recording Pulse and Pitch

Solfa Challenge Level 3 – Rhythm

Using Jolly Music In Piano Lessons

Musicianship – Cobbler Cobbler (pulse and crotchets)

Musicianship – Slowly Slowly (pulse, crotchets and minims)

Five Little Speckled Frogs (teaching syncopation)

Piano Practice Sheets

Scale or Broken Chord Worksheet

Understanding Piano Exams

Good Hand Position for Piano

Learning Scales using Keyboard Shapes

Star Wars Scales

Buying a digital piano or keyboard for beginners

How To Play Like Rubenstein

How much practice should I do?


Express Yourself Vocal Scheme – Introduction

Express Yourself Vocal Scheme – First Steps

Express Yourself Vocal Scheme – Key Skills

Swimming Helps Me Sing!

Singing in Tune – Step 1 – Speaking

Backing Tracks for Singers


Theory and Note Reading Practice

Even Better Note Reading Practice

Free Sheet Music, Songs and Musicianship Games

Nativity Song – Sleeping In A Stable (singing)

Santa Santa Where’s Your Sleigh (singing game)

Peter Taps With One Hammer (piano)

Finding the Keys (game)

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Music Technology and Production

Understanding Microphones

Reducing Unwanted Noise When Recording

Changing Key with Audacity

Book Reviews

Jolly Music for Beginners

Sight Singing with Go for Bronze

Get Set Piano


2012 Exam Successes

Les Miserables

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