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Swimming helps me sing!

I have recently started swimming to keep fit and relax.  I’m not training seriously but I am trying to push myself gently.  When I started I was keeping my head above the water, which is clearly silly because you end up with neck ache!!  So I decided to invest in some goggles and a swim cap and push myself to swim under water.  Still only breaststroke though! If I try front-crawl I start choking!!!

I noticed that on mornings where I went swimming I was much more relaxed when singing.  I thought it was just a feel good factor but now I think I’m subconsciously improving my singing technique while swimming!!

Before Christmas I bought a brilliant new book by Jenevora Williams called Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults.  I started reading her section on de-constriction.  Now this is something I have trouble with myself.  When I get stressed or anxious I immediately start constricting my larynx.  This is not a good idea.  One of Jenevora’s exercises is singing with puffed out cheeks.  She recommends this to deconstrict the larynx.  I made a mental note to start doing that myself and with my students.

But back to swimming.  The other day I was at the pool and realised that every time I went under the water I not only made a humming noise (I hope no one else can hear me!!) but I also breathe out by puffing out my cheeks!  Could this be the real reason why I sing better after swimming.

You’ll probably all tell me now that that’s incorrect swimming technique!  But never mind, it’s certainly helping me sing better, and keep fit at the same time!

What do you think?

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