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How To Play Like Rubenstein

Last week I was playing Schumann’s Romance in F# major. Frustratingly I just couldn’t get it to sound as gentle as I wanted. Each time I recorded myself and listened back it sounded clumsy. What I wanted to sound like was Artur Rubenstein. Not much to ask, surely!

Well I thought I’d pop Artur on my ipod to inspire me. Beautiful! I’m never going to sound like that! For a bit of fun I thought I’d try and play along.

I was playing on a digital piano. My model can record internally without picking up any room noise. I turned the volume of my piano down, Rubenstein up and recorded what I played.

To my amazement when I played back the recording it was exactly what I wanted. The melody came across strongly and the accompaniment was beautifully light. Perfect! So my fingers can do the job, it’s just my brain that’s the problem.

Newly confident I’m now finding I can play it after all. Ok so still not quite like Rubenstein but I think that would be expecting a bit much!

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