JR, Parent

“I spent a considerable time searching for a piano teacher who would keep my 5 yr old’s enthusiasm for learning the piano alive, and who would nurture his young talent but keep learning fun. I have been so delighted to have found Helen. She now teaches 2 of my children, both of whom started at the age of 5, and they love their lessons with her. She motivates them, engages them, challenges and encourages them, and gets the best out of them without them feeling pressured. She makes them feel important, but is simultaneously incredibly efficient, reliable and professional. I can’t recommend Helen as a piano teacher highly enough.”

EA, Parent

“We first encountered Helen running children’s music workshops at the Worcester Music Festival. When we became proud owners of a piano I wanted a tutor for my youngest daughter who would engage her enthusiasm in the right way. That was two years ago when my daughter could not play a note and now I hear her tinkling away before we do the school run. She is self motivated and enjoys each new piece of music she gets, she even does the theory that Helen slips in. I have attended a few of Helen’s showcase concerts where her students perform before an audience, and it shows that Helen has a diverse clientele of all abilities and hopes and she handles them all with the same enthusiasm and diplomacy. When we began seeing Helen we already lived ten miles away, now we have moved to another county and we still travel to see her…that speaks volumes.”

JD, Adult piano student

“I have known Helen for about 6 years. She is a very talented musician and very knowledgeable in her subject.  I am in one of the choirs that Helen runs. As a choir leader, she is incredibly enthusiastic, encouraging and very patient.

When I decided, at 64, to start to try to learn to play the piano, Helen was willing to take me on, as a complete novice, never having even learnt the basics of reading music. As a piano teacher she is endlessly patient and encouraging.

Helen puts amazing energy in all that she seems to do, which gives her the ability to draw the very best out of people.”

JM, Parent

“Helen has been teaching our daughter piano for nearly two years.  She has some mild SEN difficulties and Helen has always been extremely accommodating in her approach to teaching her. Helen is patient and fun and our daughter really enjoys her lessons! She has learnt a lot about music and the piano and we really feel this has helped her academically too and the lessons and practice are also helping with her memory and general learning.  New skills are built upon each week and Helen always tries hard to ensure that new pieces are introduced to prevent boredom.  Our daughter’s confidence has grown whilst learning piano and Helen’s friendly, patient and confident manner has really encouraged her. The lessons are perfect for our daughter and are clearly carefully tailored to meet her needs while at the same time helping her to make progress which again gives her confidence as her ability improves.”

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