Piano Practice Sheets

I have been asked by a couple of people to share the assignment sheets I give to my students. I change my sheets on a regular basis. I like to think it’s to make improvements and that one day I’ll have the perfect system. However, it’s more likely that a change is as good as a rest – for me and my students. I find each time I make a change my students pay more attention to what I write as it feels like a novelty.

Here is my main practice sheet.

Piano Practice Sheets

It is split into four week blocks and each week has a section for pieces, scales and theory, general comments and communication from parents. I use post it notes on the piece itself for more details and targets. There’s also a practice tick box. This tick box often gets ignored though, after the initial enthusiasm has waned. While I don’t want practice to be seen as a box ticking exercise it’s quite helpful to show students and parents that perhaps daily practice might be desirable!?

Perfect Pieces

Over the summer I have developed a new sheet for pieces, to be used in addition to the practice sheet. I designed it for my own son. He’s 7 and is currently working towards his Trinity Initial exam. Students at this level have quite a few pieces on the go at once and it’s hard for them to remember to practice the ones we may not have covered in that week’s lesson.

Perfect Pieces Chart Level 2

I am planning to create a Level 1 version of this sheet for my lower level students. My dilemma with this chart is that it looks like dynamics and articulation are added at the end, when in fact I prefer them to be included from the beginning. However, in the journey to perfection (whatever that is) the accurate delivery of the dynamics and articulation are often the final parts to be perfected. Certainly at this level in my experience.

The trouble with these catch all sheets is that every student is different and every piece is different. It would be nice to create a different template for all the different scenarios but in the meantime this is what I have! It’s not made of stone after all!

I hope you find them useful.

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