Even Better Note Reading Practice

Back in March I blogged here about a great site by Ricci Adams for note reading practice.

You can create note reading games and send them to your students.  They can play them on their pc at home (actually they have iphone apps too but I haven’t looked into these – since I don’t actually have an iphone!!).  You can tailor them to the student by selecting the note range they are practising and there’s no mindless copying of exercises – each one needs the student to engage their brain!!

Well Ricci has recently updated her site and you can now customise your exercises in far more detail.


Customisation options

  • choose treble clef, bass clef or other clefs but instead of the “both” option the students can see the grand staff which is a lot easier and more realistic for pianists
  • choose the range of notes to test
  • choose to limit to line notes or space notes.  This is great for students just encountering the higher and lower notes as spaces and training FACE or All Cows Eat Grass.  Not all my students use these acronyms but those who do can find it difficult to identify the “in-between” notes and now you can separate the two
  • opt to have the FACE and ACEG notes labelled to help beginner students
  • choose the key signature for more advanced students
  • choose letter names, scale degrees or solfa
  • choose whether the next question is immediate or needs selecting.  Great in the lesson if you want to discuss the answer
  • opt to hear the note sound, which is great for sight singing practise

All these choices enable much more flexibility and I’m thrilled with them.  I already use these games with my students but now I can better target the areas that need developing.

The students can play the games at home and then report back with their score.  I tried it with my son, age 6, and he kept on playing, and playing, and playing!  Well that can’t be bad can it!?

The website provides so much more than just note reading.  For beginners it can test them on their keyboard geography.  For more advanced students it can test key signatures, intervals, chords.  There are also aural tests for recognising chords, scales and intervals.  I think I’m going to be using this site over and over!

For the second time this year – thank you Ricci Adams.


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